Tim Ferry - Dartmoor walk guide

Want to discover Dartmoor but don't know where to start?  Hesitant about finding your way round a large upland area without waymarked paths and signposts?  Then why not hire me for your own personal Dartmoor guided walk.

About me

I first started exploring Dartmoor in 1975, when I arrived in Devon after leaving university.  I was immediately fascinated by its rich and diverse history, laid out as a free open-air museum of human activity from the Stone Age to the present day.  Walking on the Moor quickly became my main spare-time activity with its archaeology, both prehistoric and modern, becoming my specialist subject.  Over the years I have acquired – and even read – most of the leading Dartmoor books in order to understand how the way the Moor looks now has been brought about by four millennia of human activity.  Now it is time for me to pass on this knowledge to others prepared to walk a few miles over rough but rewarding terrain.

I am a recently retired sales and marketing manager based in South Devon.  Since the early eighties I have worked in international marketing and export sales for three successful Devon companies with products ranging from garden tractors, through stoves, fireplaces and ceramic tiles to packaging-films.  And during a 3-year interlude, I was also a government-funded international trade adviser to small businesses.  I speak French and German.